Bio of Doug Kelly

Bio of Doug Kelly

Douglas Kelly  has owned and operated a AAAA member advertising agency for more than 35 years. [The American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) is very high bar to attain, since each member must be voted on for entrance by their competition and their reputation with vendors and media.]

Mr. Kelly has worked with local, regional, national, and international businesses in more than 80 product and service categories for clients with nearly every conceivable need.

He currently works with clients in this New Marketplace every day, and he has a deep understanding why the New Marketplace emerged due to a new kind of customers who no longer want to deal traditional brand name companies.

Doug began his career with one of the largest marketing and advertising firms in the nation. These people were very good at what they did. They knew what most didn’t, which is why they were one of the largest and best in the nation.

So, he learned the craft of marketing and advertising from the best of the best from the inside out — the deeper elements of marketing needed to attract and personally involve prospects and customers.

Doug created this blog as a way to develop new knowledge from correspondence with others and to spread this knowledge to as many marketers as possible.

And of course, to sell his new book, “The New Marketplace”.

Doug lives with his wife and cats in the Midwest US. He has two adult children — a son who is a copywriter and a daughter who is head of quality control, marketing and sales for large software creation firm